Gold IRA Companies Comparison

When you are preparing to open a new Gold IRA account or to roll over an existing IRA to a Gold IRA, there are a variety of things you need to think about carefully. As with any investment, avoiding scams is critical. This is why you need to know the elements to look for in a reputable Gold IRA company. The table at the bottom reviews the better ones in the business, with Regal Gold coming out on top for 2016.

ComparisonRegal AssetsAdvantage GoldAmerican BullionGoldBroker.comBirch GoldGoldlineLexi CapitalLear CapitalGoldSilverRosland Capital
Editor Rating
Annual Fees$250$175$1601.5% of Value ($150 Min.)$260$175 Flat, Scaling Fees above $195$160$300 Flat Rate, Scaling Fees for Higher Account Values$225
Type of StorageSegregatedSegregated or CommingledSegregated and AllocatedSegregatedCommingledCommingledSegregated and CommingledSegregated and CommingledSegregatedCommingled
BBB RatingA+AA+NoneA+A+A+A+NoneA+
Trustlink Rating
BuyBack Program
Preferred CustodianNew Direction IRASelf Directed IRA Services, IncSelf-Directed IRA ServicesMatterhorn Asset ManagementSelf Directed IRA ServicesGoldStar TrustSelf Directed IRA ServicesSelf Directed IRA ServicesAmerican Estate & Trust, Goldstar Trust, and New Direction IRAEquity Institutional
Preferred DepositoryBrinks Global ServicesBrink’s Global Services USA and Delaware DepositoryDelaware DepositoryMalca-AmitDelaware Deposit CompanyDelaware DepositoryDelaware DepositoryBrink's DepositoryBrinks and Delaware DepositoryDelaware Depository
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Comparison Editor RatingAnnual FeesType of StorageBBB RatingBCA RatingTrustlink RatingBuyBack ProgramPreferred CustodianPreferred DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website
Regal Assets
$250SegregatedA+AAANew Direction IRABrinks Global ServicesRead Full ReviewVisit Website
Advantage Gold
$175Segregated or CommingledAAAASelf Directed IRA Services, IncBrink’s Global Services USA and Delaware DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website
American Bullion
$160Segregated and AllocatedA+AAASelf-Directed IRA ServicesDelaware DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website
1.5% of Value ($150 Min.)SegregatedNoneNoneMatterhorn Asset ManagementMalca-AmitRead Full ReviewVisit Website
Birch Gold
$260CommingledA+AAASelf Directed IRA ServicesDelaware Deposit CompanyRead Full ReviewVisit Website
$175 Flat, Scaling Fees above CommingledA+CCCGoldStar TrustDelaware DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website
Lexi Capital
$195Segregated and CommingledA+NoneSelf Directed IRA ServicesDelaware DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website
Lear Capital
$160Segregated and CommingledA+AAASelf Directed IRA ServicesBrink's DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website
$300 Flat Rate, Scaling Fees for Higher Account ValuesSegregatedNoneAAAAmerican Estate & Trust, Goldstar Trust, and New Direction IRABrinks and Delaware DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website
Rosland Capital
$225CommingledA+AAAEquity InstitutionalDelaware DepositoryRead Full ReviewVisit Website


Gold IRA Scams to Avoid

Sadly, there are several different scams or at least disreputable practices going on in the Gold IRA business today. By being aware of them, you can avoid any missteps and potential problems with your Gold IRA down the road. Three of these frowned upon practices include the following:

• Free Storage – No investment is free. You should beware any Gold IRA company which tells you that they will store your precious metals at no charge. This would likely indicate that they are not storing any gold for you at all. Besides being a sneaky tactic to draw in unsuspecting investors looking for a bargain, it is not legal. The IRS requires that approved Gold IRA custodians charge something for the storage they provide. It is possible for there to be a promotional period with no storage charges, but not totally free storage.

• Collectible Gold Coin Sales – A number of different gold coin dealers will try to pressure you to buy collectible or rare gold coins. They push you this direction because they can charge higher spreads on these types of coins. In fact the markups on collectible gold can easily be 20% to even 30%. Goldline International was one of the outfits guilty of this practice in the past, but it has since reformed. If a Gold IRA company were to try to sell you collectible or rare coins for your Gold IRA, these coins would not be approved to be held in  the account. Avoid companies that are pushing anything but approved bullion coins at a fair spread of 5% or less above the spot gold prices.

• Home Gold Delivery IRA Storage – There are gold dealer companies in the industry heavily promoting the Home Delivery Gold IRA. With this idea they tell you that you are able to store your gold at home by becoming your own administrator and vault custodian. This is at the present a grey area that the IRS has not yet ruled upon, but it violates the IRS provision against keeping your gold at home. It is safer not to get involved in a Home Gold Delivery scheme so that you do not quite likely find that you are on the wrong side of the Gold IRA rules and regulations in the future.

Things to Look for in a Gold IRA Company

Reasonable Annual Fees – Some gold IRA companies charge considerably more than others. Look for companies that are charging reasonable startup fees and not overdoing it on the annual maintenance and storage fees. There is no reason to be paying $500 per year with these costs.

Type of Storage – Segregated storage is superior to commingled. With segregated storage, your gold is kept in its own secured, locked space. Some Gold IRA companies offer either segregated or commingled storage. Others offer both types, though they will usually charge more for segregated storage in this case.

High Ratings – Strong ratings are an important part of Gold IRA companies. Three main groups publish ratings on these companies. These include the Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink. If a company does not have high ratings or any ratings from at least two of these outfits, then be prepared to do some extra research to find out why.

Approved Gold IRA Custodian and Depository – Gold IRA companies have preferred custodians and depositories that they work with on setting up and maintaining these types of IRA accounts. It is a good idea to check out these companies. They should both be approved by the IRS to handle Gold IRA accounts. After all, most likely they will be overseeing your account and storing your gold.

Why Regal Assets Ranks #1 in 2016

Regal Assets has long been considered the proverbial gold standard in the Gold IRA business. This was again the case in 2016. There are several reasons why they are so well regarded and so consistently win the approval and admiration of their customers. They boast the highest ratings from the three ratings organizations and also consistently have the highest rated client satisfaction. This comes in no small part from their decision to cover the  Gold IRA new account or transfer fees for all of their customers. They also offer low, flat rate annual maintenance and storage  fees to all accounts, regardless of how large they are. Besides this, Regal guarantees all of its customers segregated storage for any gold or silver kept in their customers’ Gold IRA accounts. Finally they offer an aggressive gold buyback program for all of their customers.