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Gold Broker Background Info

For those investors who want to get into the precious metals game but are afraid of U.S. government conspiracies and potential American collapse scenarios, represents a refreshing breath of fresh air and limitless possibilities for getting into the precious metals complex while securing safe haven foreign location storage for your newfound precious metals. The company provides an easy to use and well-regarded online platform from which to purchase and subsequently sell their physical holdings of gold and silver bullion. Most importantly, they offer international, safe-haven location storage in such places as Zurich, Switzerland; Singapore, and Toronto, Canada. The gold and silver is actually kept entirely in the investing owners’ names, meaning that they have 100% outright ownership of the precious metals. will sell their clients a lump sum investment quantity of gold or slver, beginning at a minimum of 15 troy ounces of gold, equating to around 5,000 Euros or approximately $5,500.

Some have wondered who GoldBroker really is. They are a gold dealer and custodian of bullion that has offices in New York City, London, and Malta, where their parent company FDR Capital and back office is also located. Their motto is all about purchasing allocated and tangibly held gold and silver bars and bullion that is stored completely outside of the U.S. or even international banking system and beyond the greedy, grasping clutches of the U.S. government. They do this by vaulting holdings of precious metals in secure storage in Switzerland and Singapore. For those investors who are most concerned with having an offshore storage option for their precious metals, it is hard to rival and their capability of doing this with ease and as a part of their corporate vision.

Gold Broker Management Team

GoldBroker is run by a two man team of European gold experts and investors. The fund manager who is also a self-described serial entrepreneur is Fabrice Drouin Ristor. He has managed a variety of investments in the precious metals and other sectors since 2008. Fabrice serves as CEO of both FDR Capital and their subsidiary

Egon von Greyerz is a director on the board of FDR Capital as of November, 2012. He is the phenomenally successful founder of both internationally known German based Matterhorn Asset Management AG and Egon began his stellar career as a banker in Geneva, Switzerland. He subsequently spent more than 17 years as first Finance Director and later Vice Chairman of Dixons Group, PLC, the British FTSE 100 company. Through a skillful demonstration of ability in mergers and acquisitions coupled with his asset allocation consulting contacts with a variety of private family funds, he started his well-known Matterhorn Asset Management based on the concepts of preserving wealth. The division of this company, GoldSwitzerland was begun with the goal of purchasing and vaulting both physical gold and silver for companies, private investors, pension funds, and trusts.

Egon became somewhat of a household name in the U.S. and Great Britain by making routine appearances on the BBC, CNBC the Money Channel, and King World News. He regularly speaks at global investment conferences all over the planet. Besides this, Egon keeps busy publishing articles on the world economy, precious metals, and wealth preservation.

Egon von Greyerz

Egon von Greyerz

Gold Broker Precious Metals IRA

GoldBroker notes that Precious Metals IRAs operate in much the same way as traditional IRAs do. You would not simply deposit actual money into your IRA plan now and again with the Precious Metals IRA, instead you would have such resources converted into silver or gold that sits inside of your IRA. Precious Metals IRAs are able to hold either gold or silver bullion bars or coins, though GoldBroker only sells bars. You are able to fix your order and confirm your prices with either over the phone or from the comfort of your laptop or computer and Internet connection. With GoldBroker, an important distinction between them and other Precious Metals IRAs custodians is that GoldBroker does not sell gold coins for such IRAs, but rather vends whole gold bars starting at 15 ounces in size and up.

Gold Broker Gold IRA Fees

Setup Fees: None Disclosed

Commission Fees For Buying Gold:

  • 1 ounce gold bar: 2.5%
  • 100g gold bar: 2.0%
  • 1kg gold bar: 2.0%

Commissions Fees For Selling Gold:

  • $300, if the value of the sale is $20,000 or less
  • 1%, if the value of the sale exceeds $20,000

Administration & Storage Fees:

Quantity Stored Annual Storage Fees*
< 49 oz 1.50% ($150/year minimum)
From 50 oz 1.25% Scaling Fee
Annual Storage Fees*
1.50% ($150/year minimum)

Gold Broker Custodian

Goldbroker’s preferred custodian in Europe is Rhenus Logistics. They also partner with Matterhorn Asset Management for U.S. Precious Metals IRA custodianship.

Gold Broker Storage Info and Options

All of GoldBroker’s storage is handled by their storage partner Malca-Amit. This private operator is fully independent of the international banking system both in the U.S. and internationally. GoldBroker offers offshore storage through Malca-Amit in Zurich (Switzerland)Toronto (Canada), and Singapore (Asia). They also offer onshore storage within the U.S. at their vaults in New York (USA) .  All precious metals holdings are insured by La Bâloise Insurance Company and are maintained in professional grade and fully allocated storage units.

GoldBroker is so big on storage outside of the banking system because this eliminates all of the risks of bankruptcy and counterparty defaults, banking system confiscations (bail-ins), and even government confiscation. It also allows you to access and retrieve your gold in a maximum of 48 hours, even if banks fail and are closed.

Gold Broker Ratings and Complaints

There are no ratings available online, though they do have a self-reported page on Angie’s List. As an international sbusidiary company based in Malta, is not required to have any regulatory oversight nor ratings from any U.S. based company, oversight authority, or ratings organization.

Gold Broker Customer Reviews

Unique and excellent service

by Alan Powell

June 18, 2015

I bought gold and silver bullion with one year ago and I have my stock stored in Singapore at the Singapore Freeport. I just renewed my one year management fees. I just went to check my stock and everything was in order (certificates, etc). I’d definitely recommend their services to first-time investors or people who want to store their precious metals outside their country of residence.

Gold Broker Contact Information

545 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor
NY 10017 New York
United States

United States 1-800-780-0350 - by, April 1, 2011
3.5/ 5stars
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  • Reviewed by:W. D. Crowder
  • Published on:April 11, 2016
  • Last modified:May 09, 2016
Review Summary : highly touts its international offsite storage options in Switzerland, Singapore, and Canada. All of their gold is segregated and 100% in the client's names without their own name as intermediary. We are not in favor of their scaling fees for administration and storage.
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With, you actually solely own your own gold in full.
You are able to and are encouraged to visit your gold, or even to hold it personally. In either case, you can go to the Rehnus Logistics Vault, which is in Zurich. Alternatively, it can also be delivered to your front door.
The process to signup is both simple and secure.


There are no external audits on any gold holdings in the vaults.
The total holdings of precious metals by GoldBroker or their vault custodian partners are not published nor even available to you as a client with gold in the vaults.
Trustlink Rating:
Annual Fees:1.5% of Value ($150 Min.)
Type of Storage:Segregated
BBB Rating:None
BCA Rating:None
BuyBack Program:yes
Preferred Custodian:Matterhorn Asset Management
Preferred Depository:Malca-Amit
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