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Goldine represents what could be the biggest physical precious metals to investors dealer in the United States. Certainly they are the oldest going major concern, having started under another name back in 1960. This makes them so well established that they are between five and ten times as old as several of their major competitors. In an industry where coin dealers come and go faster than you can turn your head, this statistic alone makes them deserving of your attention. Another factor that sets Goldline apart from many of their competitors is that they are a true full-service bullion dealer, handling both coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metals.

Goldline is unique in several other ways. While most companies in this space tout the one-stop shop nature of their websites where most every action can be done without ever having to pick up the telephone, Goldline is totally the opposite. They do not operate whatsoever through their website except as a means to disseminate information and steer your towards their 1-800 number. Once on the phone with them, you are handed off to an account executive who will provide you with a free investor kit, answer your questions, help you with your Precious Metals IRA paperwork, and also assist you in making the best personal choices for your precious metals purchases.

Their information kit which they dispatch to your home address by physical mail will include detailed information on the various precious metals products and services of Goldline International, along with information on their featured Precious Metals IRAs. All of the customer agreements and IRA paperwork packets will be included, as these must be signed before any accounts can be opened or precious metals can be purchased from them. Payments are handled offline, as is most everything else with GoldLine, via bank wires, checks physically mailed in, or other forms of secure offline transfer services. Any person who wishes to pay in cash is able to do so by visiting their California office in person.

Goldline sets itself apart from its competitors in a number of important ways. They carry some bullion products that are exclusive to them produced for them by various government mints. They pride themselves in being a leader in transparent pricing, even if their pricing is sometimes too high when compared to the majority of their competitors. They also offer their groundbreaking and now sometimes-imitated Price Guarantee Program® to help assure buyers that they will not suddenly lose their shirts on an overnight dip in the price of gold or the other precious metals. They believe this level of confidence helps new customers to overcome their fears of pulling the trigger and buying into the precious metals complex. Based on human nature and fear, they may be onto something with this idea.

GoldLine Management Team

CEO Brian Crumbaker has been with Goldline since 2010. He came to the precious metals dealer as its new Chief Marketing Officer following two decades working in the Property & Casualty insurance business. Brian has been CEO of Goldline since 2012. While with Travelers Insurance previously, Brian served as Senior Executive responsible for their direct to consumer businesses. Before this he worked with Unitrin Direct and Reliance Personal Insurance.

Vice President of Goldline Blair Harris heads up all of their client relations and services, compliance, and information technology departments. He came to Goldline back in 2012 following nearly 20 years with the Property & Casualty insurance business as well. Here he led a wide variety of professional development, compliance, claims processing returns, and technology departments and initiatives.

GoldLine Precious Metals IRA

Goldline features their totally unique in the business Express IRA® Program. This allows investors like you to quickly set up a Precious Metals IRA backed up by gold or silver simply and swiftly. Their Precious Metals IRA eligible-bullion purchases can qualify for their trademarked Price Guarantee Program®, Two-Way Price Guarantee® and Goldline’s Price Shield®. They are also able to help you with any needs for selling precious metals in exchange for U.S. dollars. Though they are unwilling to guarantee to do so because of governmental compliance regulations, they promise that they have a long history and strong tradition of purchasing back precious metals which they have sold to clients in the past in the form of a buy back.

As part of Goldline’s Express IRA®program they are willing to confirm your precious metals purchases in as little as a single business day. They also promise that if your purchase is large enough and so is qualifying, then they will give you from 4% or more of the value of your purchase price in free bullion coins to help offset your initial year IRA setup and startup fees. These free coins are sent to you directly and are not included in your new Precious Metals IRA.

Finally, those new clients who are still gun shy about buying new precious metals can fall back on Goldline’s impressive Price Guarantee Program which permits you as a new client to re-price any purchase which qualifies should the selling price drop over the next seven days after purchase. If the selling price for any such coin drops in that time frame, you are able to call Goldline and request that they reprice your purchased coins to the lower amount. For those clients who still do not feel comfortable, the company also offers extended purchase protection of 14, 21, and even 28 days for fully priced bars and coins purchases. Glenn Beck is their biggest celebrity endorses o these various programs they offer, and without a doubt he has steered numerous clients their way, as many of the testimonials in online forums testify.

GoldLine Gold IRA Fees

Annual Maintenance Fee: $75 yearly flat rate fee.

Annual Storage Fees: $100 flat storage fee from $0 to $100,000 in Gold IRA account value. Above $100,000 in account value, the price is .375% of ask price value of client holdings as a scaling fee per year. Storage is unallocated and conversion to physical allocated coins and bars for shipping are subject to additional fees based on ask prices of the coins or bars selected versus the ask price of the value of the unallocated stored holdings.

Buyback Charges: There is a 1 percent liquidation fee ($25 minimum) on the bid price of the metals. This is not a standard fee in the industry, but also not one that is completely unique to Goldline either.

GoldLine Custodian

Goldline’s preferred custodian is GoldStar Trust.  They also offer to supply information on other available custodians for Gold IRAs for the benefit of their clients. They accept no liability nor do they offer any warranty for any of these third party custodians.

GoldLine Storage Info and Options

Goldline’s preferred storage company is Delaware Depository. They are fine with customers using a rival company for storage, as they assume no warranty for any storage firm chosen.

GoldLine Ratings and Complaints

It is worth noticing that the ratings for Goldline are literally all over the map. It should give you pause for thought that while the BBB, the name brand in ratings agencies in the U.S., awards their highest level A+ to the company, BCA and TrustLink were both less impressed and less generous. TrustPilot on the other hand is also firmly in the BBB’s camp, giving their highest rating of 5 stars to Goldline. The question comes down to who do you most believe in the ratings game?

BBB Rating: A+

BBB Profile Webpage:

BCA Rating: CCC

BCA Profile Webpage:

TrustLink Rating: 2.5stars

TrustLink Profile Webpage:

TrustPilot Rating: 

TrustPilot Profile Webpage:

GoldLine Customer Reviews

Gisela Bresler

Excellent customer service

Our experience with our purchase was great. Our representatives were knowledgeable, very courteous, and extremely professional. They made the whole transaction process very easy and all of our questions were answered completely.
Excellent service!
Ty and Sue were very helpful and answered all my questions in great detail. This was very important as I am a first time buyer and was very curious about the process.
Professional service

This company and its representatives take purchasing precious metals very seriously. You will get straightforward service and upfront information from everyone. Highly recommended.

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GoldLine Contact Information


11835 W. Olympic Blvd
Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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Review Summary :
The oldest major precious metals dealer Goldline dates back to 1960. They are also one of the only full service bullion dealers that handles all of precious metals' coins and bars. We like their Price Guarantee Program that gives account holders 7 days of gold price movement protection.
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Goldline offers a price guarantee program that is particularly useful for those investing with less than perfect confidence in the precious metals or for shorter term investors.
The company has been in existence for over 55 impressive years, making them ten times older than some Gold IRA offering competitors.
Goldine provides their limited buy-back – For coins and bars precious metals there is a limited buy-back option with a liquidation fee of 1%.
As of 2009/2010, Goldline boasted over 300 employees and revenues exceeding a billion U.S. dollars per year.


Though GoldLine has been around forever and has a solid BBB ranking of A+, there are numerous online complaints and negative reviews posted about them by former customers, and this helps to explain why their BCA and TrustLink ratings are lackluster at best.
Because of all of the complaints and some red flags that were raised over the years, the company was strong armed into hiring a former federal prosecutor to oversee their operations through 2017. The good news is that the areas where Goldline lacked in the past have shown major improvements, particularly in better customer service and pricing structure.
Trustlink Rating:
Annual Fees:$175 Flat, Scaling Fees above
Type of Storage:Commingled
BBB Rating:A+
BCA Rating:CCC
BuyBack Program:yes
Preferred Custodian:GoldStar Trust
Preferred Depository:Delaware Depository
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