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The company started by the Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver author Michael Maloney is appropriately named GoldSilver.  Since 2005, Michael has led this brainchild outfit effectively in helping individuals to purchase precious metals either physically outright or as part of a Precious Metals IRA. Besides selling these metals to customers, his firm also buys back these metals which they have sold to clients. They have also earned the respect of their community by donating a portion of all proceeds to help the homeless rehab services in their area of Santa Monica, California.

A downside to Michael’s firm is that their gold and silver selection is rather limited in comparison to some of their big time rivals like Goldline International and Birch Gold. While he does not sell either platinum or palladium coins or bars, GoldSilver does offer a few choices each for coins and bars in both gold and silver formats.

GoldSilver Management Team

Michael Maloney wears many different hats as the founder, management, and owner of, one of the global leaders in gold and silver sales which is also one of the world’s most highly respected investment education companies anywhere. He is also the held-in-awe author of the best selling precious metals investment book of all time, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, published back in 2008 to great acclaim around both the country and the world.

Mike’s meteoric rise to fame began when he met world-renowned financial educator and speaker Robert Kiyosaki whose biggest claim to fame lay in the best selling financial education book he wrote entitled Rich Dad, Poor Dad that soon turned into an unbelievably popular series of books. Robert and Mike hit it off, and soon Mike found himself invited to speak for Kiyosaki at one of his seminars that Robert held around the nation. The rest is history.

While Mike continued to successfully speak at global investment seminars, he started back in 2007. He then started working on his soon to be hit book. From the smash success of this work, he launched his in 2010 as a new environment where he could assist individuals by empowering them and eduating them on how to protect their wealth and to also gain from the largest wealth transfer in all of human history that is ongoing now.

GoldSilver Precious Metals IRA

GoldSilver specializes in the most popular bullion coins, such as gold and silver American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs, as well as the most beloved European bullion coin the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic. This is the lion’s share of the bullion coins which they carry. They do carry these coins in sizes ranging from a tenth of an ounce to a full ounce to make it easier for investors to find the right quantity of gold and silver for their Precious Metals IRA accounts. Gold bars sold on the site range from a single ounce to 400 ounces. Silver bars come in 10 and 100 ounce sizes. All of these products are allowable in Precious Metals IRAs. 

GoldSilver Gold IRA Fees

Setup Fees: GoldSilver does not charge any account setup fees.

Annual Maintenance Fees: GoldSilver does not charge any annual IRA maintenance fees. Any fees which are charged by the custodian you choose from their list of approved custodians are passed along to you directly. They do not mark them up and recharge them.

Annual Storage Fees: Gold fees are charged at a $300 minimum flat rate; above this the fees change to Account Value times .2% scaling fee.

Silver fees are charged at a $420 minimum flat rate; above this the fees change to Account Value times .5% scaling fee.

GoldSilver Custodian

Preferred Custodians are American Estate & Trust, Goldstar Trust, and New Direction IRA. 

GoldSilver Storage Info and Options

Preferred Depositories are Brinks in Salt Lake City, Utah and Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware. They provide segregated storage options at vaults considered to be among the best institutional vault providers in the country and around the world. Offshore gold and silver storage is available in either Singapore or Canada at prices which are far lower than the other alternatives. Every account and its accompanying physically segregated storage in vaults, whether in the U.S. or internationally, is insured for up to $50 million by a third party insurer.

GoldSilver Ratings and Complaints

No BBB Ratings available.

BCA Rating: AAA

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GoldSilver Customer Reviews  

The best way to purchase gold or silver is through There is no chance of getting ripped off and you’re dealing with professionals.
Dave N.
The information GoldSilver provides is priceless and their – open door policy – gives insight to exactly what moves they are making and how to make sense of it all. Thank you for a very helpful book.
GoldSilver is the only company I will recommend ever. Not only do they sell and buy back product but they provide information and educational resources that no other company can offer. GoldSilver empowers investors with plainspoken and straightforward info. and I feel confident knowing I am now on the same side as this great company. GoldSilver is the “Apple” of the precious metals market!

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5800 Hannum Avenue Suite D
Culver City, CA 90230

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  • Published on:April 11, 2016
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Review Summary :
Best-selling author Michael Maloney's Gold and Silver Dealer does not have the selection of its competitors. They also do not charge the account setup fees that most others in the industry do. We like that what he lacks in variety of coins for Gold IRA's, he makes up for with an impressive commitment to education for his clients.
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GoldSilver is an official U.S. Mint-Listed Dealer.
GoldSilver's educational program is legendary and very well-reviewed by users of the service and website.
• Precious Metals IRA account holders with GoldSilver benefit from the open advice policy on the site delivered by the best selling precious metals book author of all time.


GoldSilver does not offer a digital or online application format; only physical forms are accepted.
With their 500 coin minimum purchase, GoldSilver is looking for investors to spend at least $20,000 on a single purchase on their site.
Trustlink Rating:
Annual Fees:$300 Flat Rate, Scaling Fees for Higher Account Values
Type of Storage:Segregated
BBB Rating:None
BCA Rating:AAA
BuyBack Program:yes
Preferred Custodian:American Estate & Trust, Goldstar Trust, and New Direction IRA
Preferred Depository:Brinks and Delaware Depository
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