American Gold Buffalo Coin

Aside from the American Gold Eagle, the United States produces another valuable gold bullion coin named the American Gold Buffalo. Investors and collectors enjoy this coin for its high gold content, purity and its numismatic value.

American Gold Buffalo Coin History

American-Gold-Buffalo-CoinThe American Gold Buffalo Coin was first offered for sale in 2006. It is a .9999 percent pure 24k Gold coin. It is the first coin of its type ever minted by the United States government and offered for public sale. The coin has since become the most highly sought after investment grade coin ever produced in the U.S.A.

The coin is based on the famous Indian Head nickel design. The Indian Head nickel is perhaps the most iconic of American Coins. The American sculptor James Earle Fraser created a coin that is considered by many numismatists to be one of the finest examples of coinage ever minted in the country. The design is so highly praised that it was used for the Smithsonian’s commemorative coin in 2001.

The American Gold Buffalo Coin is a 24k gold update on that classic design. The front of the coin depicts a Native American. The actual portrait is based upon three different tribal chiefs: Chief Big Tree of the Kiowa tribe, Chief Iron Tail of the Lakota and Chief Two Moon of the Cheyenne tribe.

The back of the coin depicts a majestic American Buffalo in profile. This buffalo is said to be based upon the legendary Black Diamond buffalo who lived in Central Park Zoo in the early 1900’s. The buffalo stands atop a mound of dirt and looks off into the distance. The mound of dirt is stamped with the phrase: “ $50 1oz .9999 fine Gold”.

All American Gold Buffalo Coins are struck at the West Point Mint, located in New York. The original minting was so popular that demand outpaced production. That demand has never waned. During the years of the subprime mortgage, the mint officially halted production for a short time. People were flocking to invest in gold as a way to preserve their money in a tumbling economy. Production was resumed again, but this incident reinforced the public’s appreciation for investment grade gold coins.

American Gold Buffalo Coin Price

The American Gold Buffalo was brought to the market in 2006 and sold for $800 dollars. The value of the coin immediately rose. It has continued to rise each consecutive year. Many investors and economists believe that the failing economy will only cause the value of these coins to rise even higher.

There are two versions of the American Gold Buffalo available for investors: Uncirculated and Proof. The uncirculated coins were issued first. The US mint released them to coin dealers in 2006. The proof coins were released soon after. The American Gold Buffalo proof coins have a limited run of 300,000. In addition to the limited minting, only 10 proof coins were allowed per household. This makes these coins extremely rare.

When looking for investment grade American Gold Buffalo coins you should look for either Uncirculated or Proof coins. It is also wise to choose a reputable dealer. This is addressed below.

Where to Buy the American Buffalo Coin

American Gold Buffalo Coins are a major investment. They are also in hot demand among investors, collectors, and many other types of individuals. Because of this, there are many places advertising coins that are either poor quality, or replicas. It is best to buy your coins through a trustworthy source.

The four trustworthy sites to buy from are:,, and These websites are professional and reputable dealers. They give you precise information about the coins. They also provide information for the novice gold investor. If you want to find out more about American Gold Buffalo Coins, then visit or