The Australian Gold Lunar Series

The Australian Lunar Series gold bullion coin is one of the most popular, coveted and impressive numismatic collection available. Combining Eastern and Western traditions, these gold coins display one of twelve different animals from the Chinese lunar calendar on one side with the British Monarch on the other. The one-ounce gold coins attract a premium value due to their limited mintage of only 30,000 coins.

Physical Characteristics

The exquisite high-quality finish of these Australian Lunar Series coins is the best on the market for regular bullion coins. There are many different weights. The 10-kilogram is the largest, but isn’t made every year. The most popular variety is the 1-ounce coin.

The mintage figures are as follows for these gold coins:

    • 10-kilogram varies
    • 1-kilogram is unlimited
    • 10-ounce is unlimited
    • 2-ounce is unlimited
    • 1-ounce is 30,000
    • 1/2-ounce is 40,000
    • 1/4-ounce is 60,000
    • 1/10-ounce is 80,000
    • 1/20-ounce is 100,000

The diameter for the 1-ounce coins is 40.60 millimeters (1.60 inches). Worldwide, the 1-ounce bullion coin is the most recognizable and popular variety. Oftentimes, they sell out very quickly. These gold bullion coins have purity levels of .9999 fine (24-karat).

Chinese Lunar Series

The Chinese culture has been around for millenia following many of the same traditions. The Australian Lunar Series is based on the ancient 12-year Chinese Lunar calendar. These designations have astrological and symbolic significance for personality traits and festivals.

The Perth Mint has completed one series and is in the middle of the second:

+ Australia Lunar Series I running from 1996 to 2007

+ Australia Lunar Series II running from 2008 to 2019

Here is a listing of a twelve-year cycle for the coins:

– Horse = 2002
– Goat = 2003
– Monkey = 2004
– Rooster = 2005
– Dog = 2006
– Pig = 2007
– Mouse = 2008
– Ox = 2009
– Tiger = 2010
– Rabbit = 2011
– Dragon = 2012
– Snake = 2013

The Chinese lunar series is similar to the Western twelve-month zodiac cycle. Each coin has the designated animal for that year on one side and the British Monarch on the other. Another reason to collect these coins is to see the difference between the younger and older British Monarch images.

The gold Australian Lunar Series coins are superior numismatic collectables due to their high purity level, scarcity and numismatic beauty. Other bullion coins have purity levels of only .999; these are .9999. Also, the 30,000 limit for one-ounce gold Lunar Series coins delivers an immediate premium.

History of the Gold Lunar Series

Most coinage follows a similar process of appreciation and debasement. Throughout history, civilizations have used a variety of different items for money – salt, tobacco, shells and cattle. Copper, silver and gold have been the primary precious metals used due to their relative scarcity and ability to be minted as coins.

Australia gold mining production was 261 tonnes in 2010 ranking it second in the world. Australia has an area called the “Golden Mile” with very large open pits for mining. As a result, turning gold into coins only made sense for this resource-rich nation.

The Perth Mint

In 1899, the Perth Mint was founded as a branch of the British Royal Mint. The Perth Mint has gained a reputation for producing high-quality numismatic coins. It caters to the demands of investors and collectors alike.

Combining Eastern and Western Traditions

The combination of Eastern and Western traditions is unique in numismatic circles. Since the 1970s, the gold and silver content in regular coins has been reduced. Some nations are no longer minting pennies to save money.

In the 1980s, mints recognized that there was high demand for coins with a high precious metal content. Since 2004, gold has been in an impressive bull cycle crushing all other financial investments. Thus, many investors are purchasing gold coins to protect their wealth.

Well-respected financial experts, such as Jim Rogers and Marc Faber, have moved to Asia because they see it as a rising economic power. The Australian Lunar Series gold coin is a recognition of this new prestige. Australia has a unique position on the edge of Asia. The Perth Mint saw an opportunity to satisfy the high demand for collectors interested in an Australian coin steeped in Asian cultural values.

Where to Buy

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Why Buy these Gold Coins?

There are four primary reasons why you should purchase these gold Australian Lunar Series coins: gold content, higher purity level, scarcity and numismatic beauty.

All empires collapse under their own weight. The rough and volatile economy is a warning sign that the fiat currency system has become over-leveraged. Gold preserves your wealth during times of inflation, deflation, stagflation and hyperinflation.

The .9999 purity level of the Australian Lunar Series coins is one of the best on the market. The limited supply of the one-ounce gold coins makes it more valuable immediately. Combining Eastern and Western traditions has created a tremendously unique and beautiful coin.

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