China’s Gold Panda Coin

Chinese gold panda bullion coin

The Gold Panda Coin is one of the most traded and sought after gold coins in circulation today.

Gold coinage has served many people well. Gold and other precious metals have been used as investment pieces for centuries. In fact, many people believe precious metals to be the most stable of commodities. In many ways this is true. Recent developments in the economy have shown us that gold and silver remain stable even in the face of a wavering stock market. This proven fact has created a resurgence of interest in gold coins, both as a hobby and for investment purposes. One of the most interesting coins currently being traded and collected is the Gold Panda Coin. This coin has been in production in the Republic of China since 1982.

The History of the Chinese Gold Panda Coin

The Gold Panda Coin is one of the most traded and sought after gold coins in circulation today. The coins were originally struck in 1982, and each year new coins have been released within the country and internationally. The coins are made of .999 fine gold and come in a variety of sizes. The coins have, originally released in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 troy ounce denominations. One year after their original release a 1/20 troy ounce coin was struck. It has remained in the rotation since. Some years brought commemoration coins to the series as well. These commemoration coins were, traditionally, struck in large sizes and are considered highly collectible.

The Temple of Heaven, a religious landmark located in Beijing, has been depicted on the obverse of this gold coin since its introduction to the public in 1982. The reverse of the coin changes yearly, but always depicts giant pandas in different collections and poses. The giant panda is synonymous with Chinese culture as they only reside in select areas of the nation. The same depiction of pandas were used for the coin in 2001 and 2002. The reason remains a mystery.

The coins are distributed by the China Gold Coin Corporation, however, there are several companies that mint the coins within the country. This is a rarity in gold coins, and because of this each coin carries a mint mark. The mint mark denotes were the coin was struck. The same designs are also used on silver coins, minted and struck by the same companies that mint the gold designs.

These coins are considered legal tender in the Republic of China, although they are generally distributed in brilliant proof quality. Coin series, or collections, for each year are available, many of which include each denomination of coin issued during a chosen year.

The Price of Gold Panda Coins

The price of Gold Panda Coins depend entirely on the year the coin was minted, where it was minted, and the condition of the coin. These gold coins, because they are made of .999 fine gold, are largely tied to the price of gold at any given time. For example, when the price of gold drops the value of the coin drops. When the price of gold rises, the price of the coins rise as well. The coins, generally, are traded over the value of gold at any given time. This is the case with most collectible coins as they are limited in production and minting. The large denomination coins that are not part of the traditional, yearly rotation, are more valuable, generally speaking, than the denominations that occur each year.

The production numbers on the Gold Panda coins are generally higher than the production number on other, collectible gold coins. For example, 500,000 coins were minted in 2011 of the 1 ounce coin. Alternatively 200,000 1/2 ounce coins were created the same year. The number of coins created each year has varied since the coins were introduced in 1982.

How to Buy China’s Gold Panda Coins

One can purchase gold coins in a variety of ways, specifically the Gold Panda Coin. In recent years, people have wondered if buying gold coins on the Internet is safe. The simple fact is, yes purchasing gold coins online is perfectly safe, as long as you deal with a reputable seller. Fly-by-night productions are not uncommon and counterfeit coins do exist. To ensure you purchase a legitimate, authentic Gold Panda coin it is important to deal with an accredited business with a track record and recommendations.,, and are four accredited businesses that deal directly with these coins. Each coin is checked for authenticity and come with proper documentation, so you’ll never have to wonder if you have the real deal.