The Israeli Tower of David Coin

tower of david coin

The Tower of David gold bullion coin is the 1st coin, created by the Israeli Coin and Medal Corp., that is traded based on precious metal content.

In recent years a great deal of talk has erupted over investment in gold and silver. Investors have found great security in investing in these precious medals. The rise in investment in these medals has been driven by the wavering stock market, and predictions that the price of these precious medals will only continue to increase. In a world of uncertainty, precious medals appear to be the most stable. One way investors have chosen to put their faith in gold is through the procurement of gold coins. Gold coins are minted and can be used, in some cases, as legal tender.

There are a variety of different coins on the market from a variety of different nations. One coin that has caught the idea of investors and collectors alike is the Israeli Tower of David Gold Coin. This coin is crafted out of one ounce of .9999 gold bullion, making it extremely valuable. Aside from its value, its history, and ties to Israel, make it an extremely interesting piece for investment or collection.

The History of the Israeli Tower of David Gold Coin

While the Israeli government has long issued money and coinage the Tower of David Gold Coin is a truly unique coin. This is the first coin, created by the Israeli Coin and Medal Corp., that is traded based on precious metal content. The Tower of David coin is the first in its series, with one coin being released each year on Jerusalem Day. Jerusalem Day is celebrated on May 12th of each year.

The Coin series is planned to depict a special, notable, and often religious, location in Israel. The first coin, the Tower of David coin, depicts the ancient citadel by the same name. The coin was released in 2010. Each coin of the series will be minted with the lion of Megiddo, an ancient seal that is seen on many famous artifacts from the Middle Eastern region of the world. So far, there are three coins that have been minted within the series. The Tower of David coin was struck in 2010, a coin followed for 2011 and 2012, as well. A fourth coin in the series is planned to be released in May of 2013. The 2011 coin depicts the Western Wall, and the 2012 coin depicts a menorah.

The coin is also unique in that the price of the coin is never to be set. Instead, the coin will be traded, each day, based on the price of the metal at the end of the trading day in Israel. The coin also has a limited production of just 3,600 coins. Upon release the Israeli Coin and Medal Corp. limited the coins to just five per customer. The rest of the coins in the “Gold of Jerusalem” series have similar production limits.

Overall, this is a piece that is a wonderful investment option, but also a coin that holds special value. Its uniqueness and its tie to Israel and religious artifacts and locations make it a much sought after coin.

The Price of the Israeli Tower of David Gold Coin

The Israeli Tower of David Gold coin has a face value of 20 new sheqalim, an Israel specific monetary system. The coin, however, is being traded based on the price of the metal from which the coin is struck. The coin is struck from one ounce of fine .999 gold. This means the price of the coin fluctuates based on the trading price of gold. With prediction suggesting that the price of gold will continue to rise 2013 the price of the coin is expected to inflate. Adding to the coins value, is the fact that only 3,600 coins were produced depicting the Tower of David. This rare coin’s pricing depends on multiple factors and can fluctuate significantly. Currently, the coin is being traded by reputable dealers within the $2,000USD range. Each coin in the series is currently trading within that bracket, as well.

Where to Buy Israel’s Gold Bullion Coins

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