The Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

The Austrian Philharmonic gold coins are highly prized by both collectors and investors. These gold coins truly are unique in design and appearance making them appealing to collectors. For those interested in investing in gold, these coins may be among the best acquisitions to procure due to their immense potential to increase in value.

Investing in Gold and Silver

Scores of many amazing commemorative gold and silver coins have been produced over the years. Quite a number of these coins have achieved collectible status ensuring they become worth many times more than their original purchase price. Of course, the fact they are made from gold or silver bullion adds to their value. A coin produced from a precious metal can increase in price as the price of the precious metal increases.

Those that have followed the gold and silver market are well aware of the fact the prices for gold and silver have set records over the past several years. Purchasing collectible coins made from these precious metals can prove to be a wise decision when seeking a primary or a hedge investment. For many, purchasing the Austrian Philharmonic coins would be the best way to make such an investment.

The History of the Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

The Austrian Mint in Vienna has been producing gold coins for over 800 years. Among the most treasured coins in the history of the mint has been the Austrian Philharmonic coin. This coin is produced from 99.9% pure gold which certainly makes it appealing to investors and collector’s alike. The coin debuted over two decades ago and it was an immediate hit. In 1992, it quickly became the best selling coin in the world. Amazingly, it would achieve this honor a second time in 1995. It took the honors for the third time in 1996. Being the best selling coin in the world on three separate years definitely contributed to the coin’s mystique and value.

These coins have continued to be minted and will always capture the attention of those interested in owning collectible gold coins. In 2008, a silver coin was introduced to great success and fanfare. The number of such individuals will continue to rise because it is becoming more and more evident that investing in precious metals makes wise fiscal sense in a world of economic upheaval and weak currency.

Physical Characteristics

Again, these are 24k 99.9% pure gold coins. The artistic design of the coins are definitely visually appealing. The artistry of the coins presents various musical organs that are used in the orchestra. The depictions of these musical instruments are meticulously recreated. This allows the artistry of the coins to arise to a high level of visual brilliance.

The obverse side of the coin features the legendary Great Organ that can be found in the Great Hall of Vienna. All of the coins are minted with this amazing organ prominently displayed on it. The reverse side of the coin will present an incredible display of the various stunning musical instruments that make the unforgettable music in the orchestra hall. These instruments include the Viennese horn,cello, string bass, violin, and bassoon. In many ways, these coins present the perfect homage to the wonderful history of the Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra.

The amount of detail that has gone into these coins is quite striking. A great deal of time and attention to detail has gone into the crafting of these brilliant coins. Such amazing artistry has definitely contributed to the amazing global popularity these gold coins have received.

Where to Buy

There are different venues in which you can purchase these coins either for collecting or investment purposes. While there might be a number of different sellers of these coins, it would not be accurate to state you would gain the same experience from each one. Certain sellers simply may turn out to be the better choice to work with than others. To ensure a purchasing experience is smooth, it is wise to buy from the top sellers.

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Investing in gold coins has reached incredible levels of popularity in recent years. There are many factors that contribute to this with the huge profits reaped from such investing being the most prevalent factor. For those interested in acquiring a truly amazing coin, the Austrian Philharmonic coin might prove to be the wisest acquisition you can make.