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Lear Capital is among the older and best established precious metals dealers. Founded in 1997, the company has called itself America’s Precious Metals leader for over 17 years. In this amount of time, Lear has handled more than $2 billion in financial transactions. They claim that their success is due in no small part to their impressive website which they update on both a weekly and daily basis. This includes 24 hour price updates on precious metals gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, 24 hours spot gold charts, fresh and current articles, and live streaming news.

In the arena of education for those opening up or rolling over Precious Metals IRAs, Lear proudly presents its Coin Encyclopedia. This allows investors to see what these various precious metals coins look like before buying them. All American coins are pictured here with history and descriptions, and best of all, for free.

The company’s website is so advanced that users may also buy any precious metals from the Purchase Bullion webpage. All bullion coins are available for real time purchase from this webstore 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Lear not only sells coins to customers, but they also purchase them from clients. Liquidating gold coins especially is easy with Lear Capital. They offer both consignment services as well as auctions on larger collections.

Lear Capital Management Team

Lear Capital’s management team is defined as the joint venture project of Kevin Demeritt the founder and chairman and Scott Carter the CEO. Kevin comes from a long-time background of international banking. He is a well-respected analyst, admired and widely-read author of The Bulls, The Bears, and The Bust, and highly desired financial expert. The founder of Lear Capital brings an impressive array of knowledge to the table from the understanding of financial trends to economic cycles, to diversification strategy and sovereign debt. All of this has led Lear to becoming among the best-endorsed and most widely-respected precious metals and Gold IRA firms in the nation. With over 20 years of gold investment background and experience, Kevin can claim to have assisted literally thousands of investors in taking advantage of booms all the while safeguarding their fortunes from the inevitably following busts. Kevin is a frequent visitor to talk radio programs, where he has performed more than 1,000 different interviews on topics as wide ranging as the need for diversification, dangers of Wall Street volatility, and the repercussions of unprecedented American debt.

CEO Scott Carter came to Lear Capital with an extensive background in financial services, commercial insurance, and the sales of precious metals. Carter remains one of the greatest advocates for purchasing silver and gold as the most effective hedge to protect from skyrocketing global debt, collapsing currencies, and economic and political instability throughout the globe. Scott has served at both AllState Insurance and Goldline International as an executive. He wears the many hats of investment specialist, economic theorist, and precious metals investment expert. Scott remains a well-liked and -respected talk show guest who has enjoyed appearances on such important shows and in publications as CBS Market Watch, Bloomberg Businessweek, The National Post, Fox Business News,, and Forbes Magazine. While in the capacity of CEO at Lear Capital, Scott has enhanced their reputation as not only a domestic but also an international leader in the sales of the precious metals and setting up of Precious Metals IRAs.

Lear Capital Precious Metals IRA

Precious Metals IRAs and other retirement accounts play a major role in the strategy and recommendations of Lear Capital. Their Retirement Center provides an impressive array of information to help with the numerous questions that individual investors have regarding these inventive retirement vehicles which may contain precious metals. Here potential customers may also find all of the online forms that they require to begin opening such Gold and Precious Metals IRAs.

Lear Capital IRAs are intended to help you lessen the risk and volatility of your retirement portfolio and savings. The company is very proud of the fact that they have reduced the sometimes difficult process of opening one or rolling over from a traditional IRA into one of their Gold IRAs in only three simple steps. This is intended to demystify the entire process of getting such a Precious Metals IRA setup so that anyone with a wish to protect their retirement funds and investments will be able to effectively do so.

Lear Capital Gold IRA Fees

Lear Capital keeps its fees structure simpler than any of their rivals. They charge a single Precious Metals IRA fee per year of $160. This cost also makes their annual storage and administration charges among the lowest, if not the lowest, in the industry. For this fee, you receive storage of your metals, insurance to cover them against fire, theft, or other loss, around the clock online access to your account, and even quarterly printed financial statements. Lear challenges you to find a better deal among traditional IRAs or even 401ks with their often-times costly and complicated fee structures and policies.

Lear Capital Custodian

Lear Capital’s preferred IRA custodian is Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. They provide around the clock online access to the performance of your individual retirement portfolio and also deliver quarterly statements to your mailbox. 

Lear Capital Storage Info and Options

Brink’s Depository and secured vault location in Salt Lake City, Utah is the preferred storage partner of Lear Capital. Besides having a state of the art facility and security parameters in place, Brinks contracts with the world’s oldest and most respected insurance provider Lloyds of London as its insurer for all assets and accounts held here. Lear Capital does not mention any offshore storage or vaulting opportunities in their sites or brochures.

Lear Capital Ratings and Complaints

 Lear Capital Better Business Bureau

BBB Rating: A+

BCA Rating: AAA

TrustLink Rating: 4.5stars

BBB Profile Webpage:

BCA Profile Webpage:

TrustLink Profile Webpage: 

Lear Capital Customer Reviews 

Lear Capital,

I want to respond to this mail directly. if this email makes its way to Jody Alway alone, then I’m requesting she forward this to all parties concerned at Lear Capital. I do not regularly log into different web sites or fill out surveys and this is no exception. However, I would like to say to Lear Capital that Jody Alway has my trust, and I have received nothing less than top notch service from her. I have directed others that I know personally to Jody because her work ethic and outstanding service. There is something missing in America these days. Specifically, it is the ability to reach out to people in businesses today for service. Simply getting someone on the phone to talk to is hard to do at times. Jody and Lear Capital are the exception to this increasingly annoying normality in America. I want to thank Lear Capital for Jody.


My representative is Victor DeRose. He rates an A+ in every category of the questionnaire. I had tried to purchase some coins from another company. They were so rude I just hung up the phone. I was delighted to find Victor and his professional, kind, and helpful manner. I am recommending him to friends. All in all, my first experience buying metals was a wonderful one. I hope to purchase more as time goes on.


Dealing with Chuck Navies was a very pleasant experience and I am fortunate to have him working for me. Chuck has been very responsive to my inquiries and helped me understand the purchasing process. I am happy to recommend him to my friends and family.


Lear Capital Contact Information


Lear Capital, Inc
1990 S. Bundy Dr., Ste 600
Los Angeles, CA 90025 

Lear Capital
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Lear Capital
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  • Published on:April 11, 2016
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Review Summary :
Lear Capital boasts one of the more impressive and continuously updated websites in the industry. Bullion coins are available for real time purchase from their site. We like their Coin Encyclopedia that allows investors to learn about and see what they are buying for their Gold IRA.
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Lear Capital's fees are actually among the lowest of the major Precious Metals IRA providers at only $160 in total flat fees per year.
Lear is among the oldest and best established precious metals dealers and providers of Precious Metals IRAs in America.
Education of its customers is an important part for Lear Capital, which is big on taking the time to explain the whole IRA process to clients.
Lear goes above and beyond to provide a vast assortment of resources on their website, including charts, live streaming news, and real time quotes on all of the precious metals around the clock.


Lear Capital does not appear to offer offshore storage of bullion for its customers.
Trustlink Rating:
Annual Fees:$160
Type of Storage:Segregated and Commingled
BBB Rating:A+
BCA Rating:AAA
BuyBack Program:yes
Preferred Custodian:Self Directed IRA Services
Preferred Depository:Brink's Depository
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