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Lexi Capital is one of the newer Precious Metals IRA custodians out there. They were established fairly recently in 2010 by a few UCLA grads who were disgusted by the financial markets’ and economic meltdown of 2008 and the toll it had taken on many peoples’ future hopes and dreams for retirement. Their goal was to set up a company which made buying and selling precious metals, as well as setting up Precious Metals IRAs, both more transparent and simpler to navigate.

Lexi Capital Management Team

 The company website and about section is entirely silent on the subject of who their management team and board are comprised of, but a search on the BBB website profile on Lexi Capital turns up some information. The principal is named Mr. Steve Kennedy, and he is titled as Marketing Director. One Mr. Bernard Kane is titled a Managing Member. This is all of the information available online for the top brass at Lexi Capital.

Lexi Capital Precious Metals IRA

The field is overwhelmingly crowded with companies which will gladly help you to purchase gold and silver and add it to your Precious Metals IRA which they will even help you to establish. This is the point where most of these types of services conclude and move on to the next customer. Lexi Capital is different in that they comprehend that investing blindly in precious metals which you do not really understand is nearly as tragic as investing in those assets whose futures are unsure. This is the reason they give for reducing the numbers and kinds of precious metal assets which they sell to those that constantly demonstrate better returns consistently and keep up a high level of international and domestic demand.

Most impressive about the Lexi Capital program is their proprietary Gold Assurance Plan. This six month repricing policy program means that the price that you paid on your gold will be marked down as necessary if gold corrects within the first six months after your purchase. During this half year after purchase time frame, you also have the right to return your precious metals gold coins or bars for a full refund. It is extended to twelve months for a price guarantee coverage that ranges as high as $500 per ounce.



Education is another area where Lexi Capital excels with Precious Metals IRAs. They believe that educated customers should have an understanding and firm control over their own retirement future. Lexi Capital experts will guide them along on the journey, but they want their clients to know what is happening and feel confidence about both the future of their investments and their retirement.

Finally, Lexi Capital Precious Metals IRAs are more impressive than many competitors because they assign a specific account manager to each new customer who takes the time to perform a detailed analysis of your portfolio for you at no extra charge. This has been called their single most valuable service in their stable of useful and no-charge offerings, and it surely is one of the two that sets them apart from their competitors in this crowded field of custodians and administrators (the other being the Gold Assurance Program). This account manager will also help the new customers to create an investment and retirement plan, setting out retirement goals along the way, another thing that practically none of the other major Precious Metals IRA custodian and administrators are bothering to do for their clients.

Lexi Capital Gold IRA Fees

One Time Setup Fees: $80

Annual Administration Fees: $95

Annual Storage Fees: $100 

Lexi Capital Custodian

 Their preferred custodian is Self Directed IRA Services. Again this does not mean that you are not allowed to pick out your own IRA custodian, if you so desire. 

Lexi Capital Storage Info and Options

 Their preferred storage company is Delaware Depository. While there is no denying that Delaware Depository is a world-class bullion storage and vaulting company with safe locations for its vaults in Wilmington, Delaware which are far-removed from the danger zone hot spots of Washington, D.C. and New York City, they do not advertise any offshore storage vaults or facility locations for those customers who feel more comfortable and confident with their bullion being warehoused in another country beyond the reach of the U.S. Treasury Department or Internal Revenue Service. Despite this fact, they do boast a number of industrial, institutional, international, and banking and commodities company groups among their stable of clients.

Lexi Capital Ratings and Complaints

trustlink 5 stars The Birch DifferenceLexi Capital BBB® Accredited Business SealBBB® Accredited A+ Rating

BBB Rating of A+

TrustLink Rating of

BBB Profile Webpage:

TrustLink Profile Webpage:—Gold-IRA-Specialist-206403346 

Lexi Capital Customer Reviews 

When I first called Lexi Capital it was in the evening. The very next day Bernard Kane was on the phone calling to talk with me. There was a mannerism in his voice that placed me at ease. Bernard expresses himself well as a salesman and explains what he has for sale and how one can go about getting these metals purchased and transferred into your new Precious Metals IRA account.

I worked with Timothy who is well versed in precious metals. I highly recommend him for his constant communication.

Lexi Capital Contact Information


310 S Harrington St

Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 

Lexi Capital
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Lexi Capital
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  • Reviewed by:W. D. Crowder
  • Published on:April 11, 2016
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Review Summary :
Lexi Capital's goal is transparency and easy to setup Gold IRAs. Their Gold Assurance Plan gives six months price security for IRA investors. We like their free detailed analysis of clients' portfolios.
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Their Gold Assurance Program is totally unique in this sub-industry, as they will buy back your precious metals for six months after time of purchase and guarantee your purchase price for 12 months after date of purchase.
The Lexi Capital emphasis on educating its customers is really impressive and truly admirable.
They offer a full portfolio review for all of their new customers to help them formulate investment and retirement goals and to understand how precious metals properly and most advantageously figure into all of this.
Their annual administration and storage fees are lower than many competitors at $195 per year of all flat rate fees.


The $80 setup fee is not astronomically high, but it is more than some competitors charge.
The obvious lack of information on their management and board is disconcerting.
They do not have so much information, reviews, and ratings on their company as you might expect from an outfit that is so well-focused on the well-being of their customers' investment and retirement plans and aspirations.
Trustlink Rating:
Annual Fees:$195
Type of Storage:Segregated and Commingled
BBB Rating:A+
BCA Rating:None
BuyBack Program:yes
Preferred Custodian:Self Directed IRA Services
Preferred Depository:Delaware Depository
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