List of IRA-Approved Coins for a Silver IRA

Silver IRAs have been growing in popularity as silver has attracted increasingly more attention over recent years. Silver demand for hundreds of uses and applications in industry and other fields helps to explain why these Silver IRAs have become second only to gold ones in popularity. The IRS has recognized this growing appreciation for silver by allowing Silver IRAs as a fully legitimate retirement account option and by increasing the numbers of coins that can be held in these accounts.

Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

Canada’s Royal Mint produces this popular silver version of the Maple Leaf with 99.99% pure silver. It has been assigned a face value of $20, which ensures that it will remain one of the higher face value silver coins in the globe. The features are micro-engraved and the text is frosted by a laser, helping to create the beautiful shimmery effect that investors and even some collectors have grown to love.

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Proof American Eagle Silver Coins

Congress recognized years ago that not every investor had the limitless ability to buy large and expensive bars of silver. Because of this, they decided to create a silver coin that would allow individuals with less to invest to be able to purchase smaller sized silver bullion in coin form. The American Eagle proofs have minimally a full ounce of silver at a purity of 99.93% silver. It has not taken them long to evolve into America’s most beloved silver coin. While the obverse boasts Liberty Lady walking and grasping laurel and oak branches in one hand, the reverse showcases the national bird the American Eagle holding in its talons an olive branch and sheaf of arrows.

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American Eagle Silver Coins

The U.S. Mint has produced some impressive silver coins over the years, but the largest of these is the Silver American Eagle. They come in a variety of sizes, but it is their one ounce size that has cemented the status of one of the most treasured bullion coins produced anywhere in the world today or ever.

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Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coins

No one can deny that the Austrian Mint had a hit on its hands with the first gold issues of their beloved Austrian Philharmonics. They branched off into these beautiful Silver Philharmonics about a decade afterward. Silver Vienna Philharmonics have enjoyed a similar level of success as their gold cousins with primarily investors but also collectors. These Philharmonic coins in both silver and gold remain among the most sought out bullion coins produced in Europe.

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Mexican Libertad Silver Bullion Coins

The Mexican Mint holds pride of place for being the oldest coin mint in the entire New World. It has achieved great fame for its high quality silver coins especially. This Mexican Libertad appeared in its initial proof edition in 1992. In 2008, the Mexican Mint introduced special sets containing each size of Libertad offered in silver, starting at twentieth and tenth ounces, and going all the way up to quarter, half, and once ounce varieties. Every Libertad boasts 99.9% fine silver. Mexico’s coat of arms graces the obverse while the Angel of Liberty covers the reverse of the beautiful silver coins.

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Australian Kookaburra Silver Coins

In 1990, the storied Australian Perth Mint launched its highly anticipated and followed silver coin series featuring Kookaburras. These most treasured Perth Mint coins have since been admired and loved around the world. Every Kookaburra coin is struck with .999 fineness of silver, and all of them were issued in a high quality brilliant uncirculated condition.

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Silver Bars Allowed In Your Silver IRA

Various Silver Rounds and Bars .999

Coins Not Approved for Your Silver IRA

Not all silver coins are allowed by the IRS rules to be held in your Silver IRA. They use a two factor measuring stick to decide which are permitted. Coins have to meet or exceed certain standards of minimum purity that amounts to 99.99% or higher for silver coins. Besides this, the issues have to be bullion coins that are not mainly collectible in nature produced by an IRS approved mint.

British Silver Britannia

Lady Britannia who graces this silver coin is Great Britain’s answer to Lady Liberty. The 1987 design was honored with “coin of the year,” and the 2016 versions have gone back to this design. Each coin offers a full two British Pounds face value.

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Chinese Silver Panda

China created what is likely their most popular coin ever with these Chinese Pandas. Prized by collectors, they showcase a face value of 10 Yuan. Each year, they alter their design of these 99.9% fine silver issues. Nearly every year of coins struck has sold out since the beginning of the series.

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Australian Silver Koala

Australia’s Perth Mint produced its Koala coin with 99.9% silver purity that turned out to be one of the biggest silver dollars produced by any country. Because of their very limited issues, they have always been treated as a more collectible coin. For 2016, the mint produced a mere 300,000 of these coins as compared to 40 million of the silver U.S. Eagle Dollars struck. This makes them one of the rarer bullion coins made, especially when measured against the comparable Canadian, Mexican, and American silver bullion pieces. The Koala design changes every year, helping to ensure that the collecting crowd keeps coming back to buy the newer ones to keep up with their set.

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New Zealand Kiwi

Chinese Lunar

South African Fishing Owl