Precious Metals IRA Gold Coins and Bars

Gold Coins Permitted In Your Precious Metals IRA

Gold is still and always has been king where the Precious Metals IRAs are concerned. This has as much to do with its long history and association as a storehouse of value in turbulent times and protection against inflation as it does with the beauty of the gold itself. With gold you have a number of different coins to choose from in your IRA, as the IRS has gradually added more types to the list of acceptable coins.

American Eagle Gold Coins 

American Eagles are the first U.S. minted bullion coins from 1986. These are also the most popular bullion coins, a distinction which used to belong to the South African Krugerrand. Not coincidentally, both coins had the identical gold composition and purity in their one ounce gold variants. While the first one ounce American Eagle model came out in 1987, it was not until the next few years that the other sizes appeared. This coin is now available in half ounce, quarter ounce, and also a smaller one-tenth ounce version. The different sizes and price points helped to propel this coin to the title of most popular bullion coin on earth. This was one of the original gold coins the IRS allowed you to have in your Precious Metals IRA.

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Proof American Eagle Coins

It was not until the year 2006 that the U.S. Mint started making and selling the proof version of this most popular of bullion coins the American Eagle to the public. The proof American Eagles all boast a mirror finish, making them a popular collector’s item for their stunning and unique beauty.

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American Buffalo Bullion Gold Coins

Building upon the success of its wildly popular American Eagle gold coin program, the U.S. mint launched an exciting new gold coin, the American Buffalo bullion, in 2006. In 2016, the mint celebrates its ten year anniversary of this popular series of gold coins, the first time the U.S. Mint produced 99.99% fine bullion in gold. This gold coin also represents  the first time the U.S. Mint made a coin without any alloy metals contained inside of it. It boasts a beloved Western theme and design that has helped to ensure its popularity not only with investors but also collectors. The higher face value of $50 also adds to its interest and and literal face value over other U.S. gold coins, which typically only carry $20 face values. The design showcases a native American chieftain which is comprised of elements of three different Indian tribe chieftains on the obverse side of the coin and an American Bison on the coin’s reverse side. The coin is at once new and historical- looking as it reminds owners of the old Western American era that is still popular throughout the world.

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Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

The very first global rival to South Africa’s Krugerrand appeared in 1979 as Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint brought out its Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coins for the first time. This represented Canada’s first bullion coin and the first time they guaranteed a fixed gold content and purity in one of their coins, making it truly unique. Over the years, Canadian Maple Leafs have been made incrementally still purer until they eventually became the first coin to boast 99.999% purity of gold, giving the Maple Leaf the title of purest gold coin made in world history. There is a price to pay for this purity though, as these coins do more easily show wear and tear and scratches because the soft gold is so pure and contains no alloys worth mentioning. These were the first foreign coins allowed in the Precious Metals IRAs.

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Austrian Philharmonic Coins

The highest face value bullion coins from around the globe are the Austrian Philharmonic coins. They feature a full 100 Euros face value which adds a minimum intrinsic value to these coins that is typically twice as high or higher than most of their global bullion rivals. Both collectors and investors the world over have treasured these Austrian coins and snapped them up year after year from the point where they first appeared. Featuring the scenes from Vienna’s beloved philharmonic orchestra, they typically trade over the value of gold spot and have potential to go up still further in the future.

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Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Coins

Australia’s storied Perth Mint brought out this groundbreaking one ounce gold coin in the form of a kangaroo and the rest as they say was history. Strikingly beautiful collectible and bullion coin at once, it is difficult to find them today at times. They carry an impressive face value of $100 Australian Dollars which ensures that they will always have intrinsic value. On the obverse other side, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and around another dozen countries graces the surface. These coins all came out in a Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

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Gold Bars Permitted In Your Precious Metals IRA

Credit Suisse/PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

Various Gold Rounds and Bars .995

Gold Bullion Coins Not Permitted In Your Precious Metals IRA

The IRS does not approve a number of gold coins for inclusion in your Precious Metals IRA. There are two main criteria that they use to restrict coins from the approved list. The coins must be primarily bullion and not mainly collectible. They must also meet a minimum purity requirements standard. For gold coins, this purity requirement is 24 Karat  gold, the notable exception being American Gold Eagle coins which are 22 Karat gold but are still approved.


South African Gold Krugerrand

British Gold Sovereign

French 20 Francs Napoleon

Chinese Gold Panda

Israeli Jerusalem of Gold Series

Mexican Gold Libertad

British Britannia

American Double Eagle