Precious Metals IRA Silver Coins and Bars

Silver Coins Permitted In Your Precious Metals IRA

Silver Precious Metals IRAs are the second most popular type after big brother gold. Though gold gets all the glory and spotlight, silver is actually in greater demand in hundreds of different applications in industry, jewelry, silverware, and beyond. The IRS has recognized the enduring popularity and utility of silver and added several different coins that you as an investors can store away in your IRA.

American Eagle Silver Coins

These are the largest silver coins that the American U.S. Mint has ever made. In their one ounce silver form, these American Eagles have taken their place as among the most popular of bullion coins around the planet.

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Proof American Eagle Coins

The Congress came up with the American Eagle Bullion program so that investors who had more limited means would be able to purchase silver bullion in smaller quantities than the large bars which were most of what was available at the time. These coins are  99.93% pure silver and contain at least a full ounce. Without a doubt they have become the most loved silver coin in America, with their walking Liberty Lady holding oak and laurel branches in the left hand. The reverse design features an American eagle which holds a sheaf of arrows as well as an olive branch in the talons.

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Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint brings investors this 99.99% pure version of the Maple Leaf in silver. The $20 Canadian Dollar face value makes it among the highest currency value silver coins found in the world today. Investors and collectors alike love the gorgeous ripple effect that is created by a laser frosted text combined with micro-engraving features.

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Mexican Libertad Silver Bullion Coins

Only one mint in the New World can claim to be the oldest, and this Mexican mint is famous around the globe for its silver coins of great quality. The Mexican Libertad was first struck in its silver proof edition back in 1992, and by 2008 they had started issuing these as complete sets of all the different sizes and silver amounts. With a fine 99.9% silver purity, each Libertad shows the nation’s coat of arms on its obverse and the Angel of Liberty on reverse. As part of the sets they issue, these silver coins come in twentieth ounce, tenth ounce, quarter ounce, half ounce, and one ounce variations.

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Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Coins

The Austrian Mint had such wild success with the first issues of its gold version of their popular Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra coins that they began making them in silver around a decade later. As with their gold cousins, the silver Vienna Philharmonics became an instant huge success with both investors and collectors. Today these inspiring designs set in silver are still a sought after hit around the globe.

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Australian Kookaburra Coins

The Australian Kookaburra series of silver coins started back in 1990. These have proven to be among the most beloved issues that the famous Australian Perth Mint ever created. They are available in brilliant uncirculated high quality. Each of these coins is produced in .999 high silver purity.

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Silver Bars Permitted In Your Precious Metals IRA

Various Silver Rounds and Bars .999

Silver Coins Not Permitted In Your Precious Metals IRA

The IRS does not approve a number of silver coins for inclusion in your Precious Metals IRA. There are two main criteria that they use to restrict coins from the approved list. The coins must be primarily bullion and not mainly collectible. They must also meet a minimum purity requirements standard. For silver coins, this purity requirement is minimally 99.9% or greater purity.

Australian Koala

The Koala is among the largest silver dollars made in the world. They contain 99.9% pure silver and were produced in extremely limited quantities so as to have a collectible emphasis. In fact with around only 300,000 of them minted in 2016, this is among the most limited quantity silver dollars made in the whole world. Millions fewer of these coins are struck than with their comparable American, Mexican, or Canadian silver bullion coins. Compare this to more than 40 million U.S. Eagle Silver Dollars and you understand how much rarer these coins are. Part of the attraction for collectors in this coin is the changing design and position of the koala each year, which keeps bringing people back to acquire all of the coins in the set.

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Chinese Silver Panda

The Chinese Panda coin is possibly China’s most beloved silver coin ever created. These coins carry a 10 Yuan face value and have become highly collectible. Practically every year of issue sells out since they started making them. With 99.9% pure silver, the design changes every year.

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British Britannia

The British equivalent of Lady Liberty is the Lady Britannia featured in this silver coin. The 2016 issues returned to the award winning 1987 “coin of the year” design. This coin carries a two pounds face value and showcases Queen Elizabeth II on the other side.

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Chinese Lunar

New Zealand Kiwi

South African Fishing Owl