Three Reasons the American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin Belongs in Your Investment Portfolio


Any financial planner will tell you that diversity is integral to health of any portfolio, yet many people find that their retirement account at work and, possibly, their home are their only assets. As the housing bubble demonstrated, keeping all of your eggs in one basket is a disastrous plan. Diversifying by purchasing American gold eagle bullion coins is an easy way to hedge your bets against stock market fluctuations and the fickleness of property valuation. If you’re considering American Eagle gold coins, here are three aspects to weigh before making a decision.

It’s ‘Cash’ That Doesn’t Suffer Inflation

It’s a good idea to keep a portion of your assets in liquid forms so that you can handle an emergency. However, interest rates are abysmally low on savings accounts, fees can be high and you will lose purchasing power over time due to the devaluation of the dollar. Bullion coins, on the other hand, go up in value as gold does. While there have been fluctuations in the past, you can rest assured that you will have no problem getting fair market value for your coins if you need cash in a hurry. Whether you choose to wait for an auction to close on Bay or just go to the local pawn shop, the value of the American Eagle coin is easily verified and goes up along with the value of the gold it contains.

Easy to ‘Set and Forget’

Paperwork and taxes are part of life, but investing in bullion coins is as easy as tossing them in your fire safe and forgetting them until you need them. While of course you will want to talk to an accountant, most people do not need to pay appreciation on assets until the asset is liquidated. As long as your gold is simply sitting, it is just another asset you may or may not decide to sell. Compared to the hassle associated with owning property, such as taxes, insurances, utilities, and inspections, American eagle coins are easy to obtain, easy to store and easy to cash in when you’d like without a lot of paperwork.

Very Few Surprises

Virtually all investments carry risk. Your retirement fund could be handled improperly, your pension could be dissolved, or that cute condo on the beach you bought could soon be surrounded by a seedy, unsafe neighborhood. Gold bullion coins, on the other hand, don’t come with such worries. By investing in gold that you take physical possession of, you are ensuring that part of your portfolio is heavily protected from outside factors. Unless gold becomes inexpensive for some strange and previously-unknown reason, you can hedge your bets that the historic performance with remain steady and leave you with no surprises. This can be psychologically reassuring, especially if you like to go high-stakes with other percentages of your portfolio.

Whether you’re concerned your portfolio is too heavily invested in real estate or you would like to have less paperwork in your life, American gold eagle bullion coins are an excellent way to protect the purchasing power of your money while still keeping it liquid in case you need it. If you’re not a big fan of surprises, gold coins are likely an excellent choice.

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